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Since David Lee Roth took our first 2 guitarists from us, we figured it was time to take one of his!
Please welcome on guitar, from the David Lee Roth Band, the incredible Frankie Lindia!!!

We are looking forward to bringing the energy and fire of Van Halen music to you for many years to come.

3 thoughts on “2022 Brings a New Era for The Atomic Punks!

  1. Please come back to WA state. Like Tacoma area. I’d like to see you all.again. You all kick ASS! Love Van Halen..

  2. So come on already.. It is time to kome kick it into gear and jump !
    Tucson awaits and so too does many other venues I’m sure. The music has been SO>>> SO.. bad since the boogie bug gave the whole world the crud.
    Not much time left before the end of 2022 to finish on a high but I know you all can do it.

  3. What a great show to kick off 2024! The Atomic Punks and new guitarist Frankie Lindia ripped the roof off the joint!!! One of the best things I loved about Van Halen is seeing Eddie play. Not just for the sheer talent, but for the complete joy he had while playing that transmitted to all who saw him. Frankie has that vibe… not to mention he’s a stone killer on guitar. Thanks guys – KEEP BRINGING IT!!!

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