1.1 - How can a promoter contact the band for booking?
The band can be reached by e-mail, phone, or fax. Please visit the Contact page for more information.
1.2 - Does the band have an available equipment rider?
Yes, the Punks’ equipment/backline specifications can be viewed and printed online if you need it.
1.3 - Does the band have a logo and photo that can be used for promotion?
Yes we have a high resolution transparent background .png logo and one photo you can download. The files are big, so please be patient while they load. The logo measures 8″ x 10″ and can be downloaded HERE along with the band 8×10
1.4 - How many members are in the band?
The Atomic Punks consist of four members. They are: Vocals, Brian Geller; Guitar, Lance Turner; Bass, Joe Lester; Drums/Percussion, Scott Patterson. More information on the band and its members is available in biography section.
How long have the Punks been together?
The Punks have been together since May, 1994.
Has anyone in the band ever met a member of Van Halen?
Yes. Van Halen bassist, Michael Anthony, got up on stage at the 20/20 Club in Pasadena, CA for an impromptu jam with the band on March 16, 1998. They have also met David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen. Also, founding Punks guitarist Bart Walsh toured with David Lee Roth from 1999-2001, and second guitarist Brian Young hit the road with Dave on his 2002 tour with Sammy Hagar. Michael Anthony again jammed with the Punks at the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA, on January 31, 2003. He played nine songs with the band, “Runnin’ With The Devil,” “Hot For Teacher,” “Somebody Get Me A Doctor,” “Light Up The Sky,” “You Really Got Me,” “Panama,” “Bottoms Up!,” “Mean Street,” and “On Fire.” Mike also joined the band during a private party for Yahoo! on May 31st 2007
Did David Lee Roth really mention the Punks in his autobiography?
Yes he did. In his 1997 autobiography, “Crazy From The Heat,” Dave mentions the Punks on page 119 with the following quote, “There is no city on the face of the earth that does not play -religiously- classic old-school Van Halen, and have at least one band whose entire approach is to imitate that, right down to the clothing and the haircuts. The most popular one in LA is called Atomic Punks, and wherever they play it’s sold out. I checked. I wanted to go see. Evidently it’s hysteria.”
Have the Punks ever won any awards?
Yes, they were voted the #1 tribute band in LA three years in a row, and former lead singer Ralph Saenz was voted the #1 singer in LA four years in a row by “Rock City News Magazine.” Also, founding guitarist Bart Walsh was voted “Best Guitarist” by the magazine in 1998.
What are some places the Punks have played?
The list is very long and always growing. They have played all over Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, Sacramento, Seattle, Honolulu, Minnesota, Chicago, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Kansas City. Some familiar places they’ve played include, The Whisky a Go Go, House of Blues, Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, The Cajun House, 20/20 Club, Paladino’s, Canes Bar & Grill, UMB Bank Pavilion (St. Louis, MO), POV’s Sports Bar & Grill (Andover, MN). This is just a small list of many places and venues that the Atomic Punks have played at over the past 15 years.
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None whatsoever.
How many different band members have the Punks had?
The band has had three different bass players, four different guitar players, and three singers.
Does the band have any merchandise for sale?
Yes they do. Visit the Shop page to see what items they are selling, or come to a show to pick one up!
What kind of guitar does Lance play to get the classic Van Halen sound?
Lance plays a specially-built red/black/white striped Wayne Guitar, made by world-renowned guitar maker Wayne Charvel.
Can the band members be contacted through the site?
Yes the band can be contacted directly at
How often will this site be updated?
As often and regularly as necessary. When there is new band news, it will be posted on the front of the site, and in The News forum. When show dates are added by the band, the Show Calendar will be updated. When new audio and video selections become available, they will be added to the Audio and Video sections.
Do you have entire shows available for download?
It depends. If there is a reason to have entire shows available for download, we will have them. However, most of the time, downloads will be individual audio and video from a wide-variety of sources.
Where are the band's upcoming show dates?
The Punks’ updated show schedule is available from the Gigs page,  
Who do I contact if I have site problems and questions?
If you have any questions, comments, love letters, hate mail about this site, you can contact our webmaster Tim at