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Where to begin? 2011 was the last time we revamped the site. Since then technology has changed dramatically in how we receive information, photos, videos etc. So over time as our devices have technically grown, they are still pulling code from 2011 site coding (yeah sounds nerdy huh, siddown Waldo!). Basically, we were outdated!

We wanted to catch up with the times, so here we are today. Below are a few of the features we have added.

Events & Gigs, HTML5 audio Player, YouTube Videos, News, Audio, Photos, Online Merch, and Biography and even a Booking section. Everything’s there.

Fans will be able to follow us on all major social media including SoundCloud, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Oh yeah! Finally, this site is responsive and it kicks ass! What does responsive mean? It means that it’s been designed to accommodate anything from our biggest computer desktop screen, to all the way down to your iPhone4 (seriously upgrade that iPhone already).

The Atomic Punks thank you for all the years of support. Not only by buying tickets with your hard earned cash, but by spreading the word of what they’ve been providing for the last 23 years. Bringing us back to a different time, when Van Halen ruled the radio airwaves, and the MTV cable boxes! That classic era of Van Halen is truly timeless and the band loves to celebrate this with you, the fans at every show!

We’d encourage you to sign up to the newsletter, add a comment to this or any News post, or just fill up your shopping cart with Punks gear (updated sometime in the near future)

On a personal note, I sincerely want to thank The Atomic Punks. Being webmaster of a band that’s constantly on the move was crazy at times. You guys always had faith in my ability to give you the most professional look possible. Because you deserve something here, that is just as good as what you give in your performances!

Thanks you reading folks!


Tim Bellante – Atomic Punks Webmaster

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